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About the birds

The city that never sleeps. Il est cinq heures, Paris s’éveillé. Ich bin ein Berliner …

Pigeons don’t cry celebrates the magic of the city. From the first cities thousands of years ago to the rise of the metropolis as we know it today, cities have been a magnet. Even to those who don’t live in them. Passing through is often enough to fall in love with a city, and to catch its soul. A soul that is somehow unique for every city. Defined by its architecture, its history, its inhabitants, and its pace.

Pigeons don’t cry wants to capture that soul in a poster that’s digitally printed on both sides. On both sides, so you can choose to display an iconic image of the city, or a one-page story about what makes that city that city. Feel free to switch it around whenever you want. And because every city is unique, we number each poster we print, to make sure that the poster in your home will truly be yours. What does this number stand for? For each city, we checked the total amount of inhabitants. Only 1% of this number will be printed.

Pigeons don’t cry is a concept of Rindert, Anthony, and Herman. Three friends, and three travelers, who together have visited over 120 cities and have lived in all parts of the world. They write and design the posters themselves and distribute them from Amsterdam to cities all over the world. They also ship to the countryside.

Contact: info@pigeonsdontcry.com

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